Posted on: June 10, 2008 2:44 pm
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Chicago Sports Scene Recently

Just a couple of quick thoughts on the status of each of my favorit Chicago Sports Teams:

Bears - I love my Bears.  I was very disappointed Cedric Benson didn't work out.  I thought when they drafted him he would be the next great Bears back.  I do hope things work out with Brian Urlacher and the Bears.  I am glad he showed up for the manditory camps and participated.  It looked like it was going to get ugly but it looks ok right now.

Bulls - #1 pick baby!!!!!  I am very excited about this.  I love both guys they could get but I am leaning towards going with Rose.  Just seeing what Chris Paul and Deron Williams have done for their respective teams, we could use a playmaker like that.  The only thing I am worried about it you just never know.  The Vinny hire I am a bit confussed on.  Time will tell but I think Paxon has his job in Vinny's hands and with this #1 pick.  This summer is going to be huge for Paxon and the Bulls.

Cubs - Just awesome right now.  You couldn't have written it up better.  I think they need one more starter though to take Jason Marquies spot.  I would give up a lot to get a big name starter (CC Sabatia).  You don't get into this position too often and since we are here we need to do what ever it takes to load this team up and make the big run!!!!

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Lets Trade Seats

They say the best advertising you can do is word of mouth so we figured we would give it a try.

Myself, along with a couple of co-workers, came up with a concept to give people with tickets to events an option to trade their tickets.

We launched our site a couple days ago.

Lets Trade Seats allows people to connect with others to resolve both of your issues. Whether you’re a season ticket holder and just tired of the same visual perspective.  Whether you have tickets to an event but can no longer attend but still would like to go to that event in the future.  This site will help you not miss your favorite sports team, music artist or theatrical play.

Check it out:

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Posted on: March 7, 2008 3:25 pm


After three months of posts and ratings I get to Blog!!!!  Real quick, just some one liners (or 2):

Bears - I am dissappointed in the offseason.  Not much left out there so I am really looking forward to the draft and signing Tommy Harris to an extension

Bulls - Missed their chance in gettong on the guys they have been looking to trade for for 3 years now.  Garnett, Gasol, Kobe, Marion.  We won't get any of those guys now.  This will put us back a couple more years. I miss you Michael Jordan.

Cubs - FUKUDOME!!!!I am really looking forward to seeing this guy.  I hear great things and can't wait to see him.  I think the Cubs will be one of the top 3 teams in the NL this year.

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